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Fun Stuff To Do In Fargo Before School Starts

Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Next week I get a last minute visit from my niece and nephew, for a week!  My kids have had very busy summer activities, from cheer practice to garden club, then kids crossfit, and Bible camp. We have yet to make it to the pool at all this summer.  Or the zoo.…
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Nature’s Epidural: Self-Hypnosis

That darn swinging watch and the dude dancing around on state acting like a chicken are the bane of my existence. While stage hypnosis is all sorts of funny to watch, it gives a vastly distorted view on what hypnosis actually is and how it can help moms during birth (as well as many other…
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The Helicopter Mom & The Beauty Queen

I’d like to tell you a little story about the helicopter mom and a beauty queen. A few years ago my son was really, really shy so I decided to sign him up for some theater classes at FMCT. I got him involved in the summer program there, but being a 7 & a half…
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To The Moms With A Clean House

I find myself looking around my house on any given day and all I see is a mess.  I mean, usually I’m able to keep the carpet vacuumed and there’s no dust building up on the TV (just don’t look BEHIND it.) But I’m sitting right now on my couch and the coffee table has…
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Yep, I’m THAT Mom

I’ve found myself looking back at old FB posts and realize that, wow, I might actually be THAT mom. But its not quite what you think. My daughter started gymnastics doing the mommy & me classes when she was about 15 months old. Totally adorable, but at some point she started to lose interest, and as…
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