Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #12

Well folks, last time was the FIRST time that I didn’t buy anything from my box.  I really hemmed and hawed over the jacket, but in the end I went over to Scheels on 45th and found an even nicer one, somewhat similar style to what I originally requested, around the same price, that I…
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Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #11

Whoa, wait a minute here…. betcha you’re wondering where reviews 1-10 might be.  Well, they apparently poofed into the abyss of the internet.  I was only able to retrieve my fix #2 blog post, so I’ll get that one up later and then add a link for you.  I’m sure I also have pictures from…
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Babywearing Safety Tips You Need To Know

Here is an excerpt of a more comprehensive guest post on my doula blog called Babywearing 101. I recently have gotten the itch to learn more about babywearing.  Yeah yeah, I know.  My kids are 8 & 11 and I have no intention of having another baby.  None.  Don’t even think about suggesting it, not gonna…
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reasons not to take a childbirth class

Four Reasons Why You Should NOT Take A Childbirth Class

As an independent childbirth educator & doula, I work with a lot of different types of moms.  Some with their first, some with their sixth. Moms who are super confident and excited and moms who are anxious and still in denial that they will be having a baby soon (you know who you are!) I…
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Farmers Foot & Other Reasons Not To Grow A Garden

I enjoy gardening. There is just something I really like about going out and pulling weeds. I can sit there and completely de-stress when plucking thistles from the earth for an hour (see video below, the hour is condensed into 12 seconds.) I’m not saying I’m really any good at gardening (well, I’m actually pretty good…
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