hypnobirthing with a doula

Hypnobirthing For Dummies

When people ask me what my job is, I sometime take the lazy route and say that I’m a doula and I teach childbirth classes.  While this is, in fact, a truth, its really not doing anyone justice unless I confess wholly that its actually not just any type of birth class.  Specifically, I teach a…
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Why My Nine Year Old Has Never Eaten Fruit

My daughter has never eaten fruit. She’s never eaten vegetables. My super healthy, athletic, outgoing, (almost) fearless child who is almost 9 years old hasn’t ever eaten anything even with fruit or vegetable flavoring.  No juice. No gummie snacks. Never. Ok, perhaps not “never”.  She has twice been able to accept the juice for communion.…
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merry christmas sorry no sorry

Merry Christmas. Sorry, Not Sorry.

As I’ve been doing shopping, going out, etc. as usual, I say “thank you” and “have a good day” to the clerks and service people I encounter. When they tell me “Happy Holidays” I respond with “Merry Christmas” instead.  Why?  Because, I celebrate Christmas.  I am a Christian.  So when I sent out my end…
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Life Is Better When You Do It Well

SHARE THE JOY WITH DOITWELL.ORG “You know, life is better when you do it well.” These are some wise words said by a 9 year old, who would be gone by the following week.  This wise young man was helping his dad at work, earn extra allowance for Legos, when he was injured in an…
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stitch fix review December 2015

 Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #13

December 2015 Well, folks, are you ready? If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve got a couple previous posts here and here. Click on the thumbnails below for more info & note from my stylist.  If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, its for people who either a) don’t have time to shop b) don’t know…
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