labor mistakes you don't want to make

Common Labor Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Listen very carefully here folks, your birth is YOUR birth. There is absolutely no RIGHT or WRONG way to have your baby. However, here are a few tips that might help you out. These are the top 5 things (plus one bonus!) or labor mistakes that moms tend to not do or forget about during birth…
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mom stories

Strong Mamas Have The Best Stories To Tell

I recently did a photo shoot with a couple moms who had never met before. I was there to get pictures of their babies to update my marketing materials and realized how very different, but very alike legitimately strong moms are. I shot this picture as they chatted away and it occurred to me. One…
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what to pack in hospital bag

Top 6 Things You Need To Unpack From Your Hospital Bag Right Now

I’ve found lots of lists on Pinterest with suggestions on what to pack when a mom is going to have her baby at the hospital.  Many of them offer great tips.  Some however, not so much.  I have found many of them have 30+ things on them.  You normally wouldn’t pack that much stuff if…
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mommy guilt and long sigh after birth

Mommy Guilt And The Long Sigh After Birth

I have some mommy guilt. My first child was born via emergency c-section and I struggled with postpartum depression (and probably some type of PTSD if we are going to be completely honest) regarding his traumatic delivery.  So with my second baby, there was no way I would allow history to repeat itself.  I would…
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fargo cheer all star team

Fargo Cheer Team Ready To Bring It On

never underestimate a determined team with passionate coaches Last spring I wrote up a post admitting that I am #thatmom. My daughter had joined the new cheer team that was being put together at TNT Kids Fitness & Gymnastics. Over the last year I’ve learned the following: Competitive cheer does not use pom poms (sad face,…
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