Bare Bone Basics: Side Hustle Supplies

When first starting out as an independent contractor for VIPKID its easy to assume you may need a lot to get started. Lets bypass technical requirements (computer, mouse, headphones) and assume you’ve got that covered. So, what do you REALLY need on day 1 to teach? I don’t think anyone should invest a ton of money…
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My VIPKID setup

My Stay-at-Home-Mom Side Hustle Story

About 6 weeks ago I happen to come across random post on Facebook where a friend had replied in a moms group about a work from home job. I didn’t think much of it since, in my experience, “work from home and set your own hours” is synonymous with “MLM”. Not that there’s anything wrong…
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gulseth family

Blake Shelton- Please Come Rock The House At FM Curling Club

Dear Blake Shelton- One of our areas greatest curlers (yes, you read that right) is currently at Mayo recovering from significant surgery following chemo & radiation therapy for his stage 3 cancer.  It was when he was away at a curling bonspiel in January 2016 that he noticed something wasn’t quite right, he wasn’t able…
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fargo pokemon go

This Is Why Pokemon Go Is Absolutely Ruining Our Children

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed recently, but there is a ridiculous number of people playing this new game on their phone, called Pokemon Go. Essentially, its a type of game played on your phone that is similar to geocaching where you can go around and find objects and add them to your collection. The…
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what is a doula vs midwife

Top 4 Important Things You Need To Know About Doulas

Recently, I was asked if people in our community were really even aware about what a doula is or what a doula does.  After thinking a bit about it, I know they mention doula support at birth classes at the hospital, but I’m honestly not sure if they give enough info about doulas or not.…
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