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Blake Shelton- Please Come Rock The House At FM Curling Club

Dear Blake Shelton-

One of our areas greatest curlers (yes, you read that right) is currently at Mayo recovering from significant surgery following chemo & radiation therapy for his stage 3 cancer.  It was when he was away at a curling bonspiel in January 2016 that he noticed something wasn’t quite right, he wasn’t able to swallow properly. Shortly after he got a chronic sore throat and by Easter knew there was certainly something not right. By May 2016 he was diagnosed with esophageal/stomach cancer.

Al Gulseth Cancer Benefit

This weekend there’s a fairly major event happening on Saturday in the FM area and its not the one going on at the FargoDome. There’s a benefit for Al at the FM Curling Club and we’re hoping that the headliner from the “other” event in town might want to join us.


Let’s get Blake Shelton to come out on Saturday and Rock the House at the FM Curling Club (fyi, for those who don’t get the pun: rock is the thing you push across the ice & house is the circle where you want said rock to go!) Share, tweet, whatever, but lets get all of the FM area out to support this amazing guy (whose internet username often includes the words “fun guy” so really, it must be true!)

You can also go to for more information or to donate.

Check out Al’s CaringBridge site for updates and don’t forget to join us on Saturday!


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