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Strong Mamas Have The Best Stories To Tell

I recently did a photo shoot with a couple moms who had never met before. I was there to get pictures of their babies to update my marketing materials and realized how very different, but very alike legitimately strong moms are. I shot this picture as they chatted away and it occurred to me.

mom stories

One mom talked about how wonderful and easy the birth of her child was.  She arrived at the hospital already at 7+ cm and safely and easily gave birth to her baby completely naturally without any interventions or drugs. Honestly, how badass is that?!  The other mom told the exact opposite story of her baby’s birth. A number of interventions and complications during delivery that required a true emergency cesarean delivery under general anesthesia. How absolutely craptacular is that?

The mom with the great birth then spoke of her struggle to breastfeed while the other mom’s baby demonstrated great gymnast-like ability as she nursed easily in awkward positioning. One mom cloth diapered. The other mom uses disposables. One baby sleeps like a champ and the other only on mom. On and on, so entirely different, but oh so much alike. They seemed to connect on a level that only new moms can do when they are put together.  They were telling their stories. These are strong moms and their stories are the best.

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Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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