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Top 6 Things You Need To Unpack From Your Hospital Bag Right Now

I’ve found lots of lists on Pinterest with suggestions on what to pack when a mom is going to have her baby at the hospital.  Many of them offer great tips.  Some however, not so much.  I have found many of them have 30+ things on them.  You normally wouldn’t pack that much stuff if you were going to a doctor appointment, nor would you pack that much if you were going to 2 nights hotel.  So why would you do that when doing the doctor/hotel combo we call the hospital?

While I’m sure most of the items on the list are pretty useful, I mean, I totally agree you should bring a toothbrush.  But many suggest you bring big & bulky items and almost none tell you what NOT to bring with.  Well, folks, here’s my list of what you can probably leave at home.

Comment below with things YOU think should be left at home or perhaps added to the absolute essentials list.

Top 6 Things You Need To Unpack From Your Hospital Bag Right Now

Breast pump

In most cases, its entirely unnecessary to bring a breast pump with to the hospital when you give birth. If you really need one, they’ll supply it.

Cloth diapers

Its great that you care about the environment and a cute baby butt. However, newborn poops can be a pain to wash, and you don’t want to get your $20 diaper accidentally tossed into the hospital garbage.

Cute Pajamas

I love that you want to look adorable while giving birth. But you’ll quickly find your modesty will go right out the window. Keep them at home so they don’t get dirty (or germs!)

Pre-pregnancy Jeans

Even if you are able to fit into your jeans right after birth,its way more comfortable to wear yoga pants or maternity clothes home. You’ll want to take a shower & change clothes right away when you get home anyway.

Dad’s Favorite Shirt

Please dad, don’t wear your favorite stained-with-holes beer advertisement t-shirt for all of the newborn baby photos.  We wouldn’t want it to get dirty.

Special Gifts & Keepsakes

Get the adorable photos with that special keepsake once you get home, you wouldn’t want it to get broken, lost, or dirty while at the hospital.

What do you think?  Did you pack any of these things on my “do not bring” list and found it totally necessary?

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