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Fargo Cheer Team Ready To Bring It On

never underestimate a determined team with passionate coaches

Last spring I wrote up a post admitting that I am #thatmom. My daughter had joined the new cheer team that was being put together at TNT Kids Fitness & Gymnastics. Over the last year I’ve learned the following:

  1. Competitive cheer does not use pom poms (sad face, pom poms are fun)
  2. Boys are vital to a cheer team (muscle-y off season football players are perfect for stunting!)
  3. Dedication & commitment required (unlike other team sports you can’t swap people out off the bench or compromise by reblocking a dance routine if someone doesn’t follow through)
  4. Real cheerleaders have muscles (also see #2, but muscle-yness applies to all)
  5. Never underestimate a determined team with passionate coaches

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Number 5. That’s the one that brings us to this post today. So as I said above, brand new team. This was their first year competing rather than just performing. At their first competition ever (EVER) they did so well that they received an at large bid to the International All Star Championship at Disney World in March. And you know, because that wasn’t enough, their stunt team attended WOW Nationals only a couple weeks later and placed BOTH first and second place. On a national stage, their second ever competition, and both teams placed #1 & #2 for their division.

As they are getting ready to go on their awesome trip to Disney, the gym is gearing up to host a dance & cheer tumbling camp, too, hoping to recruit even more athletes (for even bigger stunts!) next season. The camp info can be found here. Of course given the fabulous opportunity they have to represent our area on this huge stage, there is also a cost involved.  A GoFundMe account has been created to help offset some of the costs.

This ain’t your granny’s cheerleading.  Check out the parent submitted videos linked above to see the teams in action.

Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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