Thinking Outside Of The Box ~ Stitch Fix #14

The Forgotten Fix

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It’s time for my latest fix update! I will admit, I completely forgot this fix was scheduled. They sent me a reminder email to update my profile & add requests but I didn’t get around to it in time. So they basically had to just use my pinterest info which I hadn’t updated either.

That said, I kinda wish my stylist had looked back at notes from previous fixes because one of the tops I got was nearly identical to one I got a couple fixes ago that looked ridiculous on me. And I’ve already told them like twice that I don’t care for ankle zip jeans. Otherwise, as I took things out of the box I was pretty excited, but unfortunately had some fit issues as you will see.


OCTAVIA #16847-910
Flo Graphic & Dot Print Oblong Scarf

This scarf is pretty cute, I like the colors and the lightweight feeling of it, fabric is really thin and light so its purely an accessory (not to be confused with a functional scarf for warmth.) Its nice and wide, but its not super long, so some tie methods won’t work as well. In the pic I literally only have it wrapped front to back with ends under the front. I don’t own any scarves like this one or similar colors. But I don’t wear scarves often. Is it worth almost thirty bucks?



JUST BLACK #4938-750
Dean Skinny Jean


MARKET & SPRUCE #14941-789
Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

The gray tee is a thicker knit fabric, so its more like a sweater than a regular tshirt. It is cut with the high low so its longer in the back. Seems like a pretty solid wardrobe basic and is comfortable, but my concern is about the price.  For something so basic, I feel like $44 is a bit high. Yes the fabric is not regular t-shirt material, but as you can see in the pictures, it doesn’t really LOOK particularly unique.

The black pants.  They refer to them as jeans in the description, I’m not sure what classifies them as jeans.  They are not denim as far as I can tell. They look and feel like a khaki twill type fabric. I would not call them jeans at all, but they are super comfortable and I don’t think they look too bad.

My initial reaction when I saw these on my list (I logged in when I saw a shipment notification and checked to see what I was getting) is that I was upset that my stylist clearly hadn’t looked at previous comments.  Twice before I’ve said no zipper on ankle. Twice. BUT, these don’t have an obnoxious zipper.  Which makes me wonder why they have one at all? They aren’t that skinny at the ankle and don’t require unzipping to get them on (and I have pretty wide feet/ankles, some knitted socks are hard to put on if I don’t bind off loosely enough.)

But do I really need another pair of BLACK PANTS?


FUN2FUN #17261-912
Ottoline One Pocket Tunic

I took this out of the box and could not wait to put it on. I love the colors and the fabric is soft and drapey. Easily something that could be layered on top of a tank for spring or under a sweater in the winter. I knew right away it would be a keeper. Until I put it on.


Notice how T-I-G-H-T it is across the chest?  Buttons gonna pop off. Then look at the arms, around my bicep its so tight its cutting of circulation but around the forearm its really loose. Super weird, like its tapered in reverse. It really doesn’t look that bad on if I were to leave the buttons undone and either give people a peep show (or I could use the stylist recommendation and wear the gray tee under it.) But the arm tightness is a deal breaker. I could keep it for when I lose the next few pounds and hopefully it’ll be more comfortable. But is it worth sitting in my closet until that happens?


LE LIS #15782-316
Bari Woven Back Knit Top

Immediately this one looked nice in the box, the sweater has a fun color and a velvet-esque soft texture that was lovely to touch. But it reminds me a LOT of the major fail from box # 11 (the Aleia Mixed Material Pullover Sweater) Again wondering if my stylist read previous notes.  I’ve also added links in my profile to this blog, hoping they’d see my body shape and comments.  So I was disappointed to see another A-line shape sweater. A-line and apple shaped body, not a nice combo. Quality is nice and if it were cut differently I’d keep it for sure because the price isn’t too bad since its unique. Looking at the pictures I feel like maybe its not too terrible, clearly not as bad as that previous fix, I think perhaps in my mind the mixed material is whats throwing me back to that maternity looking kind of top.

Blame my son for blurry pictures, he drew the short straw between the kids for who HAD to take pictures for mom, and he was not happy about it.




Have you signed up for StitchFix yet? If not, go here and give it a try. Let me know what you think about my fix and yours, too. I’ll link to your blog if you decide to give it a shot yourself.

Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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  1. Lisa O

    I like the scarf and last pullover. Not fond of the tunic for reasons you said. Grey shirt is fine, but as you said, nothing special so…. I just got my last fix a couple weeks ago, and only liked one thing- a bracelet. 🙁

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