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You BETcha Diet Bet

Online Weightloss Bets

So, in the last year or so I’ve had a number of friends get involved with various things were they pool their money and if they meet their diet goals they get part of the pot. Well, recently (like earlier this week) I was invited to play along with an online game called DietBet which is basically the same thing, but its done online. Some of the games offer up various extra prizes and most require about $30 investment. This means the potential to make money is upped, but it also could mean you’d lose more money if you can’t meet your goals.

I’ve told a few friends about this concept but a number of people are a little skeptical so I decided I’d create a game with a few little bonus prizes for us locally. The game is open to anyone, but I’m gonna offer up a few extra bonus prizes for the locals.  In mid-February when my first diet bet finishes up, I’ll be writing up a more complete blog post and let you know how it went and how much money I made (because lets be honest here, I don’t plan on losing money, only weight.)

How does it work?

First,  you pay out your entry fee then take a couple selfies standing on your scale (one full body and a second showing your weight & a special code word of the day to prove what day it was taken.)

Next, you do your groove thang and lose some weight, at the end you’ll post your final weight.

Finally, when you achieve your goal you’ll get your money back, plus your share of the “extra” money from those who didn’t achieve their goal.

Anybody wanna take me up on this challenge?  Join me here– and then invite your friends too!

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