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Hypnobirthing For Dummies

When people ask me what my job is, I sometime take the lazy route and say that I’m a doula and I teach childbirth classes.  While this is, in fact, a truth, its really not doing anyone justice unless I confess wholly that its actually not just any type of birth class.  Specifically, I teach a type of hypnobirthing called Blissborn in addition to a system of birth education called Your Birth Experience, but today, I’m just gonna give you the hypnobirthing for dummies down low.

And yes, I still do photography also.  And yes, I also design and sell knitting patterns. And yes, my kids are still in a bazillion activities along with homeschooling.  But did you see that tag line for this blog #thatmom ?  Thats why we’re here folks.


Hypnobirthing for Dummies – Part 1

what is hypnosis?

In a nutshell, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis & its something you do every day, but just didn’t know what its called until now.  Its that same state as “vegging out in front of the TV” or daydreaming. There’s no magic or swinging watches involved.  And unless you normally unknowingly start clucking like a chicken when watching TV like you see in stage performances, you won’t when you use birth hypnosis either.  Stage performances are just that, performances!

I feel like people around here (meaning Fargo, ND) are pretty conservative about most things.  So when a new-fangled word like “hypnosis” gets mentioned it can throw people for a loop. Well let just be clear here, I am certainly one of those conservative people. BUT, I also have a pretty passionate interest in advocating for mothers during birth (how liberal of me!) I personally used Hypnobirthing (The Mongan Method) for my second child (self taught since there were no classes locally until I started teaching.) So as a saavy businesswomen when I went looking for something that was a better fit for our area and a little less “out there” and decided to break it down a little for you to clarify a few things.

hypnosis is nothypnosis is Next up: How does hypnosis work for birth (part 2 of hypnobirthing for dummies to be published soon- link will be updated when available)

And of course I ought to put in a plug for my next scheduled Blissborn class, info for that is available here.

Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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