stitch fix review December 2015

 Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #13

December 2015

stitch fix review December 2015

Well, folks, are you ready? If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve got a couple previous posts here and here. Click on the thumbnails below for more info & note from my stylist.  If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, its for people who either a) don’t have time to shop b) don’t know what to get and c) a combination. I fall into the category of B mostly. Not a style person, but I like to ATTEMPT to dress like I at least care.  You get assigned a stylist who will shop for you based on a questionnaire and your Pinterest style boards.The cost is $20 but that amount can be applied towards your purchase, so really, usually you aren’t out anything for the styling service. You can also choose how often you want to get stuff, then anything you don’t like just gets shipped back in a prepaid mailing envelope.  Its really that easy.

MARKET & SPRUCE #12904-290

Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top


I specifically requested this top, I wasn’t sure if it was available or in which color(s) but I’m very pleased with what I got.  I think it fits well too which was the deciding factor.  The one thing that surprised me (although not sure why) is that the backside is knit fabric (love that its a bit longer in the back) but the front under the lace panel instead of being the same knit, its a sheer voile type fabric (in other words, not stretchy.) I’m keeping this one for sure, in fact I already wore it 😉




Flora Zipper Detail Pullover Sweater


Sorry for the blurry picture, blame my son who didn’t want to take pictures.  Neither kid did, they fought over who HAD to do this time time.  Gee thanks.  Anyway, when I snuck a peek at the items that were being sent, I couldn’t find this pictures of this one so I didn’t know what I was getting.  I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised.  I knew it was something with a zipper and in the past haven’t been super impressed with zipper shirts when the zipper has no function.  I didn’t realize that it would be a tunic length either.  I didn’t keep the tunic from the box 2 fixes ago & don’t have any others in my wardrobe.  I think it fits ok, but not 100% sure how flattering it is? The other questionable part is the price, kinda high to me.  BUT, if I decide to keep all the other items in the box I get a 25% discount, meaning I’ll only be paying $20 to keep this one.  Thoughts on this one??


41HAWTHORN #13861-960

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan


I also requested another light long cardigan in purple.  Hit the nail on the head.  Perfect cut & fit.  Love it.  It goes perfectly with a shell I kept from a few fixes ago.  I had kept that one and only ever wore it once because its slightly off white, so it didn’t look nice with my favorite long gray cardigan and since it is cream instead of white just didn’t look as good with my other favorite solid black cardigan either. It does look good with this one!  I’m definitely keeping this cardigan as well. (FYI- the black leggings are also from a previous stitch fix, at the moment, I’d say over 75% of my wardrobe is from my fixes)


MARKET & SPRUCE #12725-789

Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater


Dang my son and blurry pictures, seriously kid.  I digress…. I had actually requested this sweater as well, I saw it on my pharmacist and it looks great on her.  I also liked the idea of a simple sweater with just a little detail. The question is, however, is it too simple?  A little too plain?  I realize I’m folding my arms in this front view, but its completely solid. This sweater will certainly need a necklace or scarf to add a little interest.  Yay or nay?




MODA LUXE #12384-789

Brooks Crossbody Bag


I also requested a purse or bag with this fix. I had previously marked not to get accessories because the ones I’d been getting were not my style. This time I very specifically listed a number of purses on my Pinterest board and she found a similar one. My daughter likes it 😉  I’m keeping this one too, already waterproof sprayed it and transferred my old purse stuff into it.  My only slight hesitation is that its fairly heavy on its own so once I have my stuff in it then its pretty heafty.  However, I’m able to fit my tablet in it without any problem, so its already a win since my previous everyday purse couldn’t fit the tablet well.


I’m pretty happy with this fix.  I’m pretty sure I might just keep it all, if I keep either of the questionable sweaters, I might as well keep them both.  For example, if I return just the blue elbow patch  sweater it’ll actually cost me MORE than if I return it because when you keep the whole thing you get such a good discount. If I return both the blue & gray sweaters then it would actually be saving a few bucks, but I do kinda like them both.  Decisions decisions!  I also did request the same stylist this time as the previous box & liked both boxes really well.  I think I’ll request her again next time, but it’ll be a while.  I have no special events coming up and my wardrobe is pretty complete right now.  I just need to go through and do some capsule-esque thinking and figure out which specific pieces I need or what to rotate through before I get another fix.

If you’d like to try this out yourself, click on this link.  I don’t get paid for posting my pictures or opinions, but I can get a credit if you use my referral link.  I’d really appreciate that!


Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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