Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #12

Well folks, last time was the FIRST time that I didn’t buy anything from my box.  I really hemmed and hawed over the jacket, but in the end I went over to Scheels on 45th and found an even nicer one, somewhat similar style to what I originally requested, around the same price, that I like even more. I returned everything and lost my $20 “styling fee.” But, it was NOT a total loss.  I learned more about what I like and not and it was a valuable lesson to me to practice keeping only things that actually bring me joy.

So, I scheduled another fix to happen right away, and my box arrived today.  Check it out and let me know which things you think I should keep or send back 🙂 I had looked at my account last week when I knew it had shipped so I had a general idea of what I was going to be getting. I made an all new board on pinterest to hopefully get better options and I feel like my stylist this time was really on target for styles.



STACCATO #12027-321
Aleia Mixed Material Pullover Sweater

I’m gonna just show this one and tell you immediately it was a resounding “sending back” simply because of fit.  My daughter was over the moon loving this one, but I obviously have a “rounded” midsection and I look about 8 months pregnant with this one (I most certainly am NOT!)  It was also snug in the upper arm and loose by the wrists, weird.


MARKET & SPRUCE #11515-344
Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan

When I saw online that this was in my box I wasn’t totally sold.  I was worried something asymmetrical might look weird on me (recall the aforementioned midsection?) but as I took it out of the box I immediately liked it as did my daughter.  Then I tried it on zipped and unzipped.  Pretty sure it’ll be a keeper, its very comfy and seems pretty versatile.


MARKET & SPRUCE #12366-070
Brookline Mix Material Sweater

Super undecided on this one.  I request more purple, it fits just fine, and looks like its nice quality. Question is, does is spark joy?


LOVEAPPELLA #12654-778
Morgan Mix Knit Raglan Top

I was really looking forward to this one.  I saw it in the box in the color I’d hoped for and immediately was very happy.  Then I picked it up and realized its not a sweatshirt type thickness at all, its actually a really, really thin t-shirt material for the body and sleeves are thin material too. I still like it a lot.  Will see what hubby thinks.



LIVERPOOL #13461-628
Loren Bootcut Jean

I love, love, love these.  They are NOT the ones in the pics 😉  The pics are the Kut from the Cloth I’d gotten from a previous shipment. These Liverpool didn’t fit well enough to even get zipped properly. BUT I might still keep them.  I’ve got that “I’ll loose weight” mentality and I feel like they do spark joy. Its weird though, I cannot find this cut on the brand website to show you an example of what they look like.  Hmm.  So anyway, these are still to be decided.

Thoughts?  What should I keep? What should I return?

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  1. Lyz

    I like the asymmetric cardigan and the raglan top! The purple sweater looks fine, but doesn’t seem like anything special., esp at that price!

  2. Loraine

    Really like the cardigan – maybe more unzipped than zipped, but still cute. The Brookline sweater not so much. The raglan – yes like it. And the jeans look good on you.

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