Thinking Inside The Box – Stitch Fix #11

Whoa, wait a minute here…. betcha you’re wondering where reviews 1-10 might be.  Well, they apparently poofed into the abyss of the internet.  I was only able to retrieve my fix #2 blog post, so I’ll get that one up later and then add a link for you.  I’m sure I also have pictures from previous shipments still in my sky drive so I’ll maybe just make a quick gallery to view.  Until then, behold, fix number 11.

Heads up- Go here if you wanna know more about what Stitch Fix is & how it works.

So I will tell you, I’m not really sure what happened here with communication to my stylist.  I was super specific in my note saying what I wanted and to look at my Pinterest board, specifically the things that I wrote “stylist” on.  Well, I’m confused.  I guess I spent extra time finding STITCH FIX specific brands and previous things people have gotten, in hopes that I would get the exact same thing or a very close duplicate. This is what they’ve usually done in the past.  Anyway, go take a look at my Pinterest board and see if you can figure how how this box’s items was derived from that board 😉

Anyway, I’d LOVE your feedback.  I’ll give you my smarty-pants review as well, but I’d still like to know your perspective, so please leave a comment!  Should I keep or return?!!!

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So when your box arrives it looks something like this.  My husband really likes the idea of the style/tip sheet & I’ve kept all of them, but can’t say I’ve actually used them.  I included the invoice page for your viewing pleasure too.  Let me note, I write in all caps, every time, that I want my box to be kept lower cost.  I have loved a few things they have sent me but usually cannot rationalize paying $60 for a glorified knit shirt.

GENTLE FAWN #12516-433

Montana Hooded Jacket


20151021_13115920151021_131111 1
When I get the message that a box has been shipped I quickly log into my account to see what is coming.  Its usually not really easy to know exactly what it is because they don’t include color info and just the product ID info, but still, I’m able to do a little research. I was really anticipating this jacket. I desperately need a fall jacket. I really wanted the “chaplin” one that was listed in my pinterest, but maybe they didn’t have my size?  Or perhaps she was using one of my other pinned vest type things as ideas.  Not sure, but this jacket IS an all in one utility vest with knit sleeves. Not fleece, but like sweater knit. Its just a little weird to me for the sleeves because I couldn’t wear my sweatshirt comfortably under it.  But I was happier with the fit than I expected. Here’s the picture of the same jacket on the company website, hardly even similar if you ask me!  Sorry pictures are a little weird, thats just what happens with an 8 year old using a cell phone as I model.

20151021_132329 1

LOOK BY M #12612-674

Cliff Checkered Woven Infinity Scarf


This scarf, well, when I was looking online for pictures of it, I was pretty nervous.  Did not look very nice to me.  In person, I really like it.  Super soft, just the right size.  The peach isn’t totally my color though.  But, that means I don’t already own anything similar.  On the fence.

SKIES ARE BLUE #11544-654

Grove Lace Panel Knit Top


Taking it out of the box, this item seemed most similar to something on my pinterest board.  I like the color too.  But the fit.  Um.  Something not right.  Hands on hips ok.  But its really boxy and the sleeves are whack.  I mean, I get that the lace section and knit section would feel different, but I swear the lace section is a LOT tighter on the arm area than the rest, so it bunched up weird and just felt “off”.

20151021_131342 1 20151021_131350 1

RUNE #10577-695

Kiley Ankle Zip Legging


The pants are shown in the pictures with the tunic.  They were fabulous.  Fit great, just the right length.  Super soft, nice quality.  BUT I already have like 3 pair of black leggings that I’ve already bought from stitch fix, this one isn’t unique enough to make me wanna spend the money.

RD STYLE #12618-162

Calvina Side Slit Cowl Neck Knit Top


I really want to like this tunic.  Color is just fine for me, comfy, nice quality.  I’ve never owned anything quite like this so it would be a good addition to my wardrobe.  BUT that side slit is a little steep.  When I lift my arms up you can see skin and the pants are fairly high waisted.  Not sure if its a deal breaker as I’d probably wear a cami underneath anyway, but still. I’m going to see what my husband thinks before I decide on this one.

20151021_131701 1 20151021_131705 1

Thoughts?  Tell me what you think I should keep or send back.  If you want to sign up to get a stitch fix of your own, its cheap to get “styled” and sending stuff you don’t like back is really easy because it comes with a prepaid return envelope.

Brandi is a childbirth educator and birth doula living in West Fargo, ND. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, knitting and filling up her craft room with new projects when she isn’t helping families create their birth experience. You can find her actively posting on Facebook & Instagram. #dayspringdoula

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