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Fun Stuff To Do In Fargo Before School Starts

Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Next week I get a last minute visit from my niece and nephew, for a week!  My kids have had very busy summer activities, from cheer practice to garden club, then kids crossfit, and Bible camp. We have yet to make it to the pool at all this summer.  Or the zoo.  With all the fun stuff we have already done, I’m looking around town for a few extra things to throw in for entertainment for all the kiddos over the next week. While I’m at it, might as well share my findings with you all!  Here’s some fun stuff to do around town before the kids go back to school:

  • Cheap (or FREE) Movie at West Acres Marcus Theater (various dates)
    There’s still a few weeks left of cheap movies.  Expect to share the theater with a bus-full of youngsters, but in my personal experience, once the movie starts, these kids are usually pretty quiet and well behaved. Wanna go free?  You can stop by an American Family office and get a coupon (most have them right on a coffee table by the door) or you can GO HERE to download a coupon for 2 free entries.  Be sure to ask at concessions about their popcorn & pop specials.  Its fun for a cheap morning date with the kids!


AUG 02 – AUG 05

AUG 09 – AUG 12

AUG 16 – AUG 19

  • Fargo Fiber Arts Festival (Aug 8 & 9)
    I’m a huge fan of going to this kind of thing.  Admission is free.  Vendors both indoors and outside. Various activities and demos for the kids and grownups to do.  Cheap & something different to check out.
  • Take a craft class or camp at Unglued (various dates)
    I’ve taken a number of classes here before and they’ve all be really great fun.  My daughter did the camp last year too.  Yeah, there’s a fee involved with these classes/camps, but they are worth every penny.  We’re not talking about premade kits of plastics crafts that are pasted together.  The kids (or parents for grown up classes!) come home with some really nice stuff that will make you feel like you’ve got the whole Pinterest project thing nailed.
  • Fargo Parks Family Events (various dates)
    There’s an assortment of things to do listed on their website.  We usually don’t make it to as many of the activities as I would like, but just about every thing is free (some of the events do have vendors, however)
  • Waterslide at Davies Pool (only until August 9!)
    I have to admit, it makes me really annoyed that the Fargo pools close so early. While officially the “dog days” of summer usually end this same weekend, when you live in Fargo you know that its actually August, not July that tends to be the hottest (perhaps thats just my perception, not actual fact, I’ll have to look that one up.) So, better go get your splash on before its too late.
  • Swimming in West Fargo (until August 23)
    This is the newer pool in town and given we haven’t gotten to the pool this summer, I’ve yet to try this one out.  Pretty sure I fix that problem soon.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Here’s an idea that I’ve got to entertain the kiddos at home and keep them from sitting in front of the TV, after all, once the snow flies around here they’ll be sitting in front of it enough. I need more things for this list… I’d love to get your comments with more ideas!

  • Create a backyard campsite
    I pulled out a couple tents from the garage and cleared out under the deck.  Darn tootin’ those kids are gonna be sent outside with a sleeping bag and walkie talkie (as long as the weather is good, and I expect they’ll end up coming in by bed time, but at least they’ll be outside for a while!)

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