The Perfect Birth

the perfect birth

Many women spend a lot of time planning out the details of their perfect birth.  The reality is, not everything is going to go as planned.  Just as you can spend hours charting a course for a road trip, detailing each pit stop, price of snacks, and timing of traffic, seldom will all of these details fall into place exactly as expected.  There may be a train that will slow down traffic, construction on the exit you had intended to take, or your favorite high-fructose corn syrup road trip treat might be out of stock. But, eventually, even though a detour may need to be made, the destination will come into sight.

If you create a birth plan, or even just have certain expectations in mind, you still know that the end goal is to have that little human be born. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the perfect birth.  Just do your best, and acknowledge that you at least had a plan available, because your journey is really just beginning.

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