gulseth family

Blake Shelton- Please Come Rock The House At FM Curling Club

Dear Blake Shelton- One of our areas greatest curlers (yes, you read that right) is currently at Mayo recovering from significant surgery following chemo & radiation therapy for his stage 3 cancer.  It was when he was away at a curling bonspiel in January 2016 that he noticed something wasn’t quite right, he wasn’t able…
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fargo pokemon go

This Is Why Pokemon Go Is Absolutely Ruining Our Children

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed recently, but there is a ridiculous number of people playing this new game on their phone, called Pokemon Go. Essentially, its a type of game played on your phone that is similar to geocaching where you can go around and find objects and add them to your collection. The…
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what is a doula vs midwife

Top 4 Important Things You Need To Know About Doulas

Recently, I was asked if people in our community were really even aware about what a doula is or what a doula does.  After thinking a bit about it, I know they mention doula support at birth classes at the hospital, but I’m honestly not sure if they give enough info about doulas or not.…
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labor mistakes you don't want to make

Common Labor Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Listen very carefully here folks, your birth is YOUR birth. There is absolutely no RIGHT or WRONG way to have your baby. However, here are a few tips that might help you out. These are the top 5 things (plus one bonus!) or labor mistakes that moms tend to not do or forget about during birth…
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mom stories

Strong Mamas Have The Best Stories To Tell

I recently did a photo shoot with a couple moms who had never met before. I was there to get pictures of their babies to update my marketing materials and realized how very different, but very alike legitimately strong moms are. I shot this picture as they chatted away and it occurred to me. One…
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